National Debt

The $22 trillion in debt is unsustainable and will be back breaking in the long run. Unless we do something about it, the interest payments on our debt will soon exceed the military budget and Medicaid. That poses problems for readiness and national security. Navy Admiral and Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Michael Mullen has said that “the single, biggest threat to our national security is debt.” As a Navy veteran who served as a fighter pilot under Admiral Mullen, that warning cannot be taken lightly. Congress needs to finally address the debt instead of kicking the can down the road again. Mike will lead the charge to scrub the federal budget and cut wasteful spending so that our military has the resources they need to keep us safe. As a small real estate business owner who has survived through the Great Recession, Garcia knows that basic economic principles such as balanced budgets should apply to government as well; and taxing the population is not the answer.