Mike Garcia standing with wife Rebecca and son Preston and carrying son Jett on his shoulders.

Forward Thinking

Our District and Our Country are at an Inflection Point

With my experience, I know what needs to be done and I wouldn’t be able to look my 2 young boys in the face and tell them I had the opportunity to make things right, but I chose not to. The sacrifices to my family and me are significant but there is nothing more important than this today. We need to be aggressive this time.

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Where I Stand

Fighting for the security of California families.

Our nation is in trouble. Biden and Pelosi’s failed agenda is crushing California families and unleashing record inflation, a surge in crime, rising taxes, and threats to our national security. Fighter pilot Mike Garcia is standing up to the career politicians in Washington and fighting for the issues Californians care about: putting a stop to inflation, getting our economy back on track, and ensuring the security of our nation and our neighborhoods.