Portraits of Veterans
“As a Vietnam veteran myself, I hear the sincerity Mike has in helping veterans, young and old. Mike is a combat Navy veteran who made it back home safely, which gives him an opportunity to give back to our grateful nation under God.”
Bob Martinez in uniform, USMC (Retired) of Simi Valley
Bob Martinez
USMC (Retired) of Simi Valley
“I am a combat Vietnam Veteran and my strong beliefs in protecting America's sovereignty and our traditional American values are principles that I hold dear. Many of my friends spilled blood and sacrificed their lives fighting for these same beliefs. Mike Garcia, also a combat Veteran, embodies these prized principles which is exactly why I, and many of my fellow Veterans, have thrown our full support to his candidacy for Congress.”
Veteran Bill Reynolds in Vietnam March 1967
Bill Reynolds
Sergeant E-5, Army, 9th Infantry Division (Honorable Discharge)
“Mike and I served in combat together over the skies of Iraq and there is no one I would trust more to represent me in Congress. He is a leader of leaders and a patriot with unparalleled intelligence and love for country.  He is truly a great American and he will make California’s 25th District proud.”
Portrait of Jake Ellzey
Jake Ellzey
Commander U.S. Navy (retired)