Campaign Principles

Economy and Jobs

With a proven track record as a leader of job creation and winning new business while also advocating for and promoting minorities and women, Mike Garcia knows what it takes to be successful and contribute to the economy. Garcia knows that our economy is stronger when we get big government out of the way. He opposes job-killing liberal policies, like AB-5, that crush California’s workers and small businesses. Mike Garcia will go to Congress and go to bat for our community to create a climate that brings good paying jobs and economic activity.


Tax and spend, big government, and bloated bureaucracy — that’s the big three in Washington and Sacramento. The 2017 tax cuts are working for the country, but California taxpayers are being unfairly punished for their zip code. Californians are getting squeezed by the nation’s highest gas taxes and high property taxes. California and the federal government have a spending problem, not a revenue problem. Garcia is fighting to reduce gas taxes, protect Prop. 13 to keep property taxes low, repeal the SALT deduction cap, and cut taxes for Californians. Smaller government and lower taxes are the keys to strong economic growth.

Inflation and Cost of Living

Between gas prices, housing costs and prices for everyday items like groceries, it’s becoming harder and harder to stay afloat in California. Thanks to the record inflation unleashed by Democrats’ multi-trillion-dollar spending spree, our families and businesses are on the brink. Mike knows what it’s like to raise a family and run a business in our state, and he’s seen too many members of our community head for the state line. He’s pushed for a Constitutional amendment to require a balanced federal budget, he’s introduced the Inflation Prevention Act in Congress, and he’s fighting to stop reckless spending, cut taxes, and put an end to progressives’ failed, job-killing laws like AB-5.

Crime and Law Enforcement

As understaffed law enforcement officers work to confront a spike in crime, politicians in L.A., Sacramento, and Washington are setting our officers up for failure. Mike, whose stepdad is a former LAPD officer, is proud to work to keep our neighborhoods safe by providing our departments the resources they need. A vocal critic of the Defund the Police movement, he has proudly stood with our officers as they’ve faced cuts in funding, an increase in violence against police, a wave of progressive backlash, and vaccine mandates that threaten to crush their departments. In May, Mike joined forces with multiple law enforcement agencies to lead the largest drug bust in our nation’s history, confiscating billions of dollars of cartel-linked illegal marijuana from growing operations across the California desert. Our families and businesses suffer most when liberal politicians defund our departments and refuse to enforce the law. Mike is fighting every day to put a stop to the failed policies that are crushing our communities.

National Security

Garcia knows firsthand the important role that the United States plays around the world as a force for good, but that the first priority must always be national security and protecting the homeland, to include securing and improving surveillance of our borders. Mike Garcia will make it a priority to ensure our men and women in uniform have the funding and tools necessary to keep America safe, and only send them into battle when it is absolutely necessary.


Mike Garcia is a first-generation American citizen whose family came to the United States legally for more opportunity and for a shot at the American Dream. Now he’s fighting to protect that Dream for every American. Garcia knows what’s at stake, and he’ll fight against Democrats’ dangerous socialist agenda and restore our country’s guiding principles, most importantly freedom, that he helped defend in his 20 years as a Naval Officer.

Term Limits

Garcia supports term limits because it’s time to get rid of the career politicians in both parties. Washington, DC truly is a swamp, filled with career politicians who are more concerned with their next election than making tough decisions. The Founding Fathers wanted citizens to step up and serve their community in office for a brief period and then make way for new representation before they lost touch with their constituency.

National Debt

The $30 trillion in debt is unsustainable and will be back breaking in the long run. Unless we do something about it, the interest payments on our debt will soon exceed the military budget and Medicaid. That poses problems for readiness and national security. Navy Admiral and Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Michael Mullen has said that “the single, biggest threat to our national security is debt.”