October 11, 2022

“Future” highlights Garcia’s fighter pilot background, commitment to fight to end inflation & cut taxes

Santa Clarita, CA – The Mike Garcia campaign today launched its second ad of the general election in California’s 27th District. “Future” focuses on Garcia’s service as a Navy fighter pilot flying toward the fight in over 30 combat missions in defense of our nation. The ad also shares his plan to continue fighting for American families crushed by record inflation and high taxes.

“Future” shines a light on Garcia’s lifelong mission of defending the American Dream and fighting for the future of our nation. A Naval Academy graduate with nearly 20 years of service, Garcia’s focus remains the same even though he’s now out of the cockpit. The ad goes on to highlight his commitment to always fly toward the fight and lists his plan to end the inflation crisis, lower taxes and the cost of living, and implement term limits.

Watch “Future” here.

“Future” – Mike Garcia for Congress

Ad Script

Mike Garcia:

“In the Navy, we flew towards the fight for all Americans because the security of our nation depended on it.

“But now our future is at risk.

“The fight I’m flying toward today: to lower inflation and our overall cost of living, to repeal the gas tax hike and cut taxes for Californians, and term limits so we can get rid of career politicians in both parties.

“I’m Mike Garcia, and I approve this message because the fight for our nation’s future is too important. And I’m just getting started.”


Mike Garcia believes in a strong national defense and is a pro-business, pro-taxpayer, political outsider with nearly 20 years of service to this country as one of the first Super Hornet strike fighter pilots in the Navy. A first-generation American whose father immigrated to the US in 1959, Garcia is a highly decorated US Naval Officer and successful businessman. Born in Granada Hills, he has lived in the 27th District for nearly all of his life. Garcia lives in Santa Clarita with his wife and two sons. He was elected to Congress on May 12, 2020, winning a Special Election with 55% and becoming the first California Republican to flip a Democrat seat since 1998.

The new 27th District encompasses the cities of Santa Clarita, Palmdale, Lancaster and Granada Hills. The ethnic breakdown is 44.9% White, 10.6% Black, 9.5% Asian and 33.3% Hispanic.

To learn more about Mike and his campaign for Congress, visit ElectMikeGarcia.com.