Former Governor Wilson: “We can take that seat back and Mike Garcia is the perfect candidate to do it.” 

(Santa Clarita, CA) – Former California Governor Pete Wilson today announced his endorsement of Mike Garcia for Congress.  

“We need to support people in the primary who can win in the general,” said Governor Wilson. “Navy fighter pilot Mike Garcia is a perfect fit. He is a first-generation American who has fought for this country, he is a small business man and has lived in the district since he was six years old. As a newcomer to politics, in just a few months he has proven that he has a firm grasp of what it will take to make sure Nancy Pelosi’s top lieutenant, and a fifth member of “The Squad” is relieved of her duties as a representative of the 25th district. We can take that seat back and Mike Garcia is the perfect candidate to do it.”

Governor Wilson was the 36th Governor of California and a United States Senator who also served in the US Marine Corps. He started his career in electoral politics when he was elected to the State Assembly in 1966 and went on to serve as Mayor of San Diego from 1971 to 1983 when he won election to the US Senate until 1990 when he won the California gubernatorial election. He signed the 3-strikes law and supported term limits. He also advocated for Proposition 197 which established a state-run system with the intention of preventing illegal immigrants from using social services. Under his leadership, California Republicans were elected to almost every statewide office, even achieving a majority in the state assembly for a brief time.

Wilson’s endorsement adds to the growing list of prominent supporters of Mike Garcia for Congress, including previous representatives of the district, Congressman Elton Gallegly and Congressman Buck McKeon, over a dozen current and former local elected officials from all three valleys (Santa Clarita, Antelope and Simi Valleys). The strength of his endorsements and grassroots support and his 2-1 advantage in fundraising makes Garcia’s campaign the leading contender in the race by a wide margin.

“I am honored to accept the endorsement of Governor Wilson. He has not just given his endorsement but has also offered to support our fundraising and grassroots efforts,” said Mike Garcia. “I look forward to working with him as I focus on taking the 25th district back from the jaws of socialism and the hypocritical and dangerous rhetoric of Katie Hill. The Katie Hill that ran for this seat is not the Katie Hill that is firmly planted in the swamp. She is not a moderate, but a 5th member of The Squad and a Nancy Pelosi lieutenant who Katie Hill calls her ‘hero’. I fought for this country, I serve this district, I love my family and I will fight to ensure the freedoms we enjoy in this great nation that Katie Hill and her socialist colleagues put in danger.”

Mike Garcia believes in a strong national defense and is a pro-business, pro-taxpayer, political outsider with nearly 20 years of service to this country as one of the first Super Hornet strike fighter pilots in the Navy and is a highly decorated US Naval Officer.  Garcia is a first generation American whose father immigrated to the US in 1959 and has lived in the 25th district for nearly all of his life.  Garcia lives in Santa Clarita with his wife and two sons. He was recently named to the National Republican Congressional Committee’s Young Guns program as one of the top 40 GOP candidates in the country.

The 25th district encompasses the cities of Santa Clarita, Simi Valley, Palmdale, Lancaster and the northern part of the San Fernando Valley.  The median income is $76,866 and the ethnic breakdown is 45.8% White, 8% Black, 7.7% Asian and 35.3% Hispanic.  The only Democrat, prior to 2018, to carry the district in the last 18 years was Obama, by less than 1%.

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