It’s an honor to be endorsed by The Santa Clarita Valley Signal. This endorsement is a strong testimony to the nearly year-long grassroots campaign that I’ve led. I am proud of my team, the 300 volunteers and all those who have helped Team Garcia become the leader in this election. After raising nearly $1.3m with 10,000 donations and being supported by leaders like Governor Pete Wilson, Congressman Elton Gallegly, Congressman Buck McKeon, Councilman Bob Keller, Councilman Bill Miranda, and Larry Elder…we remain the team to beat.


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See below an excerpt from The Signal’s endorsement piece.

“The 25th Congressional District, in which Republican Mike Garcia is our top choice in both the special election to fill the remainder of former Rep. Katie Hill’s term and the primary election leading to the November general election.

Garcia is a highly decorated former Navy fighter pilot who flew more than 30 combat missions over Iraq while serving his country. He’s a respected businessman and a Saugus High School graduate.

He supports a strong military, supports President Trump’s economic policies and wants to make the Trump tax cuts permanent.

A first-generation American whose father immigrated legally in 1959, Garcia understands the importance of respecting the rule of law when it comes to immigration. He supports Trump’s efforts to stop illegal immigration and take firm control of our borders, including construction of a border wall.

He also recognizes the importance of the freedoms and opportunities that America offers to immigrants and naturally born citizens alike — and in that vein, he stands against socialism and will fight to prevent it from further encroaching into government.

And Garcia is not someone who envisions spending the rest of his life in Congress: He advocates term limits to rid Washington of career politicians who are “more concerned with their next election than making tough decisions.”

It also bears mentioning that a former 25th District representative, Republican Steve Knight, has been less than truthful in his campaign materials attacking Garcia.

We endorsed Knight when he was up for re-election in 2018, but we do not endorse him this time around. He joined the race late, only after Hill resigned last fall, and has come out firing against Garcia, alleging that Garcia doesn’t support Trump’s policies.

The opposite is true, and it’s especially ironic because in 2016 and 2018 it was Knight who tried to distance himself from Trump. In fact, in 2016 he said he did not support Trump for president, and when he was in Congress was often a vocal critic of Trump.

It stands to reason that the primary and the special election on the March 3 ballot will lead to one Republican and one Democrat vying for the 25th District seat in a spring runoff and the November general election. That Republican should be Mike Garcia.

It’s Garcia’s time. He had the courage to stand up and run against our former congresswoman, at a time when she appeared to be headed for a second term in Congress.

We fully endorse Mike Garcia as our valley’s next representative in Congress.”

Published in The Sunday Signal on 2/17/20:  Click Here for Full Article