In July 2019, we sat down with Republican congressional candidate Mike Garcia and spoke about his position on a number of topics, including healthcare and immigration.

But what you might not know about the congressional candidate is that he doesn’t view himself as a politician. He comes from a background of serving his country as a fighter pilot for almost 20 years, and he wishes to serve his country by doing what he believes is right for the United States.

According to Luciana Monzon, from Reviewbox México, Garcia’s family (his grandfather and his father) immigrated from Mexico in the 1950’s. Garcia’s grandfather was a business owner in Mexico but sought to live in the United States so as to provide a better life for his family.

Monzon goes onto say, “This is something that the Mexican-descendant Mike Garcia holds close to his heart, the chance to provide others with more opportunity and the chance to achieve the American Dream. As such, Garcia promises to fight against Democrat’s dangerous socialist agenda and restore the country’s guiding principles – as can be seen on Mike Garcia’s website.”

Garcia is running as a candidate for California’s 25th Congressional District in the U.S. House. The general election is on November 3, 2020, with the primary election on March 3, 2020. The Republican candidate is up against Democrat candidate Katie Hill, Republican candidate Mark Cripe, and another Republican candidate Angela Underwood Jacobs.

In an interview with Stephen Daniels, of The Talk of Santa Clarita, Garcia talks about his time as a fighter pilot and what it was like to serve in the Iraq war. “You’re always scared. You always treat everything with respect. When you’re getting shot off the front end of an aircraft carrier at night, you’re never at ease. It’s not like flying a Cessna around the L.A. basin,” comments Garcia.

During his time as a fighter pilot in Operation Iraqi freedom, Garcia flew over 30 combat missions. In 2009, Garcia decided to return home and focus on his family. He worked at the Raytheon Company for 10 years and has been responsible for generating billions of dollars of revenue and creating hundreds of jobs for his company.

He also discusses how he support President Donald Trump and feels like he is “a good president,” despite Trump’s tax cut that created a trillion-dollar deficit. However, Garcia admits that he doesn’t like the big spending of Republican’s which is currently receiving a lot of complaints and criticism.

One thing you might not know about Garcia is that he is passionate about creating social programs that help to support the people of the United States. Garcia told Daniels “There’s organizations like the local Veterans Collaborative group out here. I know that when we put money into that, that money pivots right away to someone who needs that safety net.”

Garcia believes that churches, local community non-profits, and neighbors should all be involved in safety nets for those who are most in need. He believes that the federal government’s involvement in these programs causes inefficiency to be lost during the process.

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