Mike Garcia positioned to win back CA Congressional District 25 with most favorable ratings, most momentum, most money.

(Santa Clarita, CA) – Today Mike Garcia, the Congressional Candidate who had the courage to face the challenge against Katie Hill in early 2019, announced that he and his team have blown past fundraising goals to win back the 25th Congressional district. His momentum and support continue to accelerate and grow while all 3 of his previous opponents have either resigned or dropped out over the last 3 weeks. Here are the facts:

In the wake of Katie Hill’s resignation, Governor Newsom has called a special election for March 3rd, which means all candidates will appear on the ballot twice. Whoever wins more than 50% on the March ballot will serve out the rest of the term. If no one achieves more than 50%, there will be a run-off 10 weeks later. 

“Our fundraising goals have been surpassed and early polling numbers show that we are the only Republican campaign that can win in both the Special Election and the General Election in November”, said Garcia, a highly decorated Navy fighter pilot and 1st generation American who was at the top of his class at Annapolis. A native of Santa Clarita and first-time candidate, Garcia secured the early endorsements of Congressmen Elton Gallegly and Buck McKeon as well as that of Governor Pete Wilson. All have reconfirmed their support for Garcia AND have publicly urged Knight not to run. Garcia has also secured the endorsement of Lancaster Mayor Rex Parris, who previously chaired the campaign of a fellow councilmember who dropped out when Knight announced. 

Former Congressman Steve Knight entered the race after Hill’s resignation, citing his name ID as the rationale for a potential win. Elton Gallegly, former Congressman states “While I supported Steve Knight in the past, there is no question in my mind that Mike Garcia is the candidate we need now more than ever before. While I had the honor of representing much of this district for 13 terms and have worked with many candidates, I can clearly say Mike is the most qualified candidate to regain the 25th Congressional District. In my over 40 years of political life, I have yet to see anyone more qualified, more committed, and more viable than Mike Garcia.” 


Mike Garcia believes in a strong national defense and is a pro-business, pro-taxpayer, political outsider with nearly 20 years of service to this country as one of the first Super Hornet strike fighter pilots in the Navy and is a highly decorated US Naval Officer.  Garcia is a first-generation American whose father immigrated to the US in 1959 and has lived in the 25th district for nearly all of his life.  Garcia lives in Santa Clarita with his wife and two sons. He was recently named to the National Republican Congressional Committee’s Young Guns program as one of the top 40 GOP candidates in the country. 

The 25th district encompasses the cities of Santa Clarita, Simi Valley, Palmdale, Lancaster and the northern part of the San Fernando Valley.  The median income is $76,866 and the ethnic breakdown is 45.8% White, 8% Black, 7.7% Asian and 35.3% Hispanic.  The only Democrat, prior to 2018, to carry the district in the last 18 years was Obama, by less than 1%. 

To learn more about Mike and his campaign for Congress, visit https://ElectMikeGarcia.com.