As a member of Congress, I get the chance to hear directly from 27th Congressional District voters on a daily basis.

What I hear, more than anything, is one thing: Far-left progressive policies are failing Californians. Our people are hurting.

These are problems that transcend partisan politics. Gas is over $5 a gallon nationally – even worse in California at over $6. Food prices are through the roof, if you can even find groceries stocked at your local supermarket.

Businesses are being crushed with high taxes, burdensome regulations and policies that discourage people from entering the workforce. Families and young people working on thin margins are getting crushed with the consequences of inflation. And people all over California feel less safe due to rising crime at home, politicians demeaning our police, and Washington’s weak national security policies abroad.

Those failures and hardships touch Republicans and Democrats alike. They’re a direct result of a far-left progressive system, adopted by the Joe Biden administration in Washington, D.C., and liberal politicians in our state, that puts ideology over problem solving.

Things don’t have to be this way. In November, voters can send the Biden administration and Washington progressives a message that enough is enough. And that message can be sent most loudly here in our district, CA-27.

Whether you’re Republican or Democrat, you can force the Biden administration to the negotiating table on increasing domestic energy production and lowering gas prices. You can fire far-left progressive politicians who put criminals before victims and want to defund our police officers. You can elect leaders who understand that the best way to solve a supply chain crisis isn’t some misplaced rhetoric, it’s to unlock American industry and let them meet consumer demand.

This November, the voters of CA-27 will have a choice between a Democratic Socialists of America-endorsed candidate who called for defunding the police, who marched with Black Lives Matter, who has a history of voting to raise your taxes, who wants to end Proposition 13, and who pushes policies that raise costs for working people – or a candidate who believes in standing with our law enforcement, unlocking American industry so workers can thrive, and fixing the inflation mess that crushes families in our district.

In the fight to hold Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and the Biden administration accountable for their reckless decisions, make no mistake: CA-27 will be the most critical district in the country.

There are hundreds of thousands of voters who did not vote in the recent CA-27 primary. For those who are tired of the wrong, irresponsible and dangerous direction our country is headed in, we need every last one of you in November. There is no district in the country where your vote is more important than this one.

The American comeback can take a significant step this November – and it can begin right here in our district. Voters can send a message that we’re not going to accept an America with rising prices, surging crime, and weakened security. It’s time to fix this country.  We will need every last voter to do it. Let’s make it happen.

Rep. Mike Garcia represents the 25th Congressional District, which includes the Santa Clarita and Antelope valleys. Due to redistricting after the 2020 census, the district is being renumbered to the 27th District starting with the November election.

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