Here is the seventh chapter in a series that will let you get to understand who I am a little better:

Chapter 7: The Family Man

There is nothing that brings a smile to my face more than my perfect little family. Of all the chapters in my life, being called a husband and a daddy are the absolute best accomplishments in my life.

My wife, Rebecca, and I have been truly blessed with 2 little boys who remind us everyday just how precious life is. Preston, 13 and Jett, 3 are both solid, rambunctious boys. As most parents can relate, I want to freeze time some days and just enjoy the youthful innocence of these little boys. But watching them grow and become strong has been such a joy to watch. It is for these little boys that I feel compelled to serve my country again. They deserve to live in the best country the world has ever seen. (BTW I am dying to have a little baby girl…hopefully soon!)

As far as Rebecca, there are no words that would justly describe how I feel about her. She is the best wife and the best mommy I have ever seen. She remains the pillar of our little family even while running a booming small business as an interior designer. I have never met anyone so full of life and as strong as Rebecca. She keeps me grounded and I could not do half of what I do without her support and love. I pinch myself everyday that I have the honor of living this beautiful life along side her. She is a true role model!!!

Enough words, the pictures are all that matters on this one. I love being the ugliest one in the family!